Written by Melanie Burton, September 9, 2016

Ah, hometown visits. Probably our favourite part of the Bachelor calendar, because it involves Richie looking utterly scared the whole entire time.

First up is Alex. She tells Richie she’s not ready to introduce him to her son Elijah yet, which is totally understandable, and good parenting on her behalf.

She then tells him that her brother Adam is short, stocky, and super-protective. Richie’s scared.

Arriving at the family home, and Alex’s brother almost immediately slams him with the question: “Have you ever cheated on a woman?”

An ad break leaves us with three minutes of suspense as to what Richie’s going to say, but he responds with a simple “Nup” before Adam takes him outside to grill him some more.

The females of the family talk about how much they love Richie, and Alex admits she’s falling in love with him.


Richie’s “Ahhh s**t” face.

Next up is Olena, in Sydney. Her mysterious nature continues, as she whips out the fact that she plays tennis like every day and is pretty much a professional.

She also tells Richie that her father was a professional boxer, and that if he pisses him off, he better run.

Arriving at the family home, Richie tells Olena’s dad Andre how much he likes motorbikes before he responds, “I don’t like bikes.” EEK!

Andre then tells Richie he wants to take him outside to do some boxing, and at that point Richie is probably shitting himself.

Dadda Andre gives Olena the talk, and tells her that he doesn’t think Richie would move to Sydney for her. Deal breaker?


Olena is an amazing tennis player too, apparently.

Rachael’s the third girl for hometown visits, and it’s in Perth, the same place Richie lives.

She takes him beach fishing, and tells him that she’s not sure how many of her 900 family members will be there to grill him.

At the fam home, we’re most scared of her sister, who has a gaze that could kill. She takes Richie out the back for a chat, and asks him every question under the sun.

We’ve also learnt by this stage that Richie’s answers to each family are the exact same. For every question he’s asked, he answers with words like “follow my heart” and “she’s an incredible girl.”


Rachael and Richie end their hometown date with a pash.

Yay, it’s Nikki’s hometown time, and our insides are bursting because we just love Nikki and Richie together SO MUCH.

We learn that Nikki’s family background is in horseracing. She also says she’s only brought one guy home before, which is kinda obvs, because she was in a relationship for 12 years years and is only 28. Duh.

Her brother-in-law Snowy is great. He cooks a barbie with Richie, grills him with all the rough questions and is basically as Aussie as they come.

Nikki’s mum and aunty tell her they don’t want her to get hurt again, and when Richie and Nikki are saying goodbye on the front doorstep, she drops the L-bomb, telling him: “I’m totally in love with you.” NAW!


Nikki looks amazing in yellow, of course.

The rose ceremony is intense. The music reaches ultimate peak of drama and suspense, and Richie picks the girls so slowly, it kills us.

It comes down to Alex and Rachael, and Rachael is the last one left standing.

She’s actually stunned – obviously completely shocked that she wasn’t chosen for top three. Poor gal!


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