Written by Melanie Burton, September 20, 2016

Ex-Bachie contestant Heather Maltman has opened up about her secret baby heartbreak – revealing to Studio 10 that she suffered a miscarriage.

She explained that she’d sent a former partner to the chemist to get her the morning after pill because she couldn’t go herself, but they refused to give it to him.

As a result, Heather said she ended up having a miscarriage, as she left it too late.

“I was actually seeing a guy for a while and unfortunately we had a situation where I needed it and because I couldn’t go the next day, because I had work on and stuff, I asked him to go and get it for me,” Heather confessed.

Heather reveals her heartbreaking experience

“He actually couldn’t pick it up, they said no to him, and because of it I took it too late and I actually ended up having a miscarriage.”

“It just me feel like the worst person in the world,” she added. “It made me feel like a whore.”

The subject came up when the panel were talking about former Home and Away star Christie Hayes’ recent blog post, where she also vented about her partner not being allowed to pick up the morning after pill for her.

Although Heather didn’t reveal the identity of the said partner, she recently split from her actor boyfriend, Andrew Steel, who she began dating soon after being voted off The Bachelor.

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