Written by Melanie Burton, August 17, 2016

The outspoken brunette is happy she lost out to her blonde Bachelorettes, because Richie was not the guy from her, as she tells Demeter Stamell exclusively!

Is it true Richie only likes blondes? Tell us straight…

Yeah, totally! [Laughs] I just found it absurd. How can you choose a person you love based on their hair colour? [Laughs] I honestly felt like I was out of the running just because of my hair colour. The brunettes were just dropping like flies!

Did it create a battle of the blondes and brunettes?

No, it wasn’t our competition. But I was blonde, like, a year and a half ago, so I was like, “Damn it! I should’ve kept my blonde hair!” [Laughs]

Who was your biggest competition then?

I don’t see women as competition, never have. I don’t have a jealous streak. I don’t have a jealous bone in my body!

Even in the group dates, you never saw the other girls as competition?

No! No, I think they tried to pit us against each other and they failed. [Laughs]


It seemed as if Eliza hijacked a lot of the group dates…

Eliza just hijacked everything that she was around. That’s her personality. When it comes to Eliza, you’ve just got to go with it. Hop onboard the crazy train and ride it. [Laughs]

Are you upset you never got a date with Richie?

I’m upset that I never got a single date, yeah. I’m really upset! I’m at that point now where I look back and go, “I would never wait that long for a guy! Ever!”

What made Richie worth waiting for?

It was just the circumstance, it wasn’t necessarily the guy! [Laughs] That’s just part of how it works – you have to wait it out.

So without the cameras, you would have walked away sooner?

Oh, if it was real life… I’m charming! Guys don’t walk away from me.

So you obviously weren’t a fan of rose ceremonies then?

I think the hardest part is having to stand in your heels for a couple of hours. That’s the time of the night where you usually kick off your heels and got to Macca’s after a cocktail party. [Laughs] It’s just really tiring and really intense, because there is a long wait between every time he calls out a name.

Why do you think you were sent home?

I think after the final group date, we just noticed that we were really just good mates.

At any point, did you feel you could be more than friends?

I liked a lot of qualities about him. There were so many qualities that made you go, “Geez, that’s the sort of guy you want to settle down with!” But Richie himself… I don’t think me and him were ever going to end up with any of that.

OK, so who’s the winner?

It’s really hard to tell! After Rachael’s date, I think Rachael could be a top contender. Other than that, I think Nikki and Alex will be in the top. You can’t tell.