Written by Melanie Burton, September 7, 2016

Self-proclaimed “big kid” Faith was one of the most playful Bachelorettes on the show.

But she reveals to NW that there was a lot more going on when the camera weren’t rolling…

So close, you made it to the top 5! Things must have been pretty intense, did you ever feel like you couldn’t handle it anymore?

I developed feelings for Richie which is a big reason why things did feel so intense, especially since everyone had such a strong connection with him.

I was so scared about what was going to happen, and scared about getting my heart broken.

The longer I stayed the more it got broken, and I did consider leaving. But if I had left, it would have been the easy way out.

But you’re such a happy-go-lucky kind of girl! Were you able to open up about it to Richie?

We didn’t have many serious conversations. Mainly our conversations were just laughing and talking crap, he’s constantly cracking jokes.

Literally, we had to get separated by the film crew once! He was so happy when he was around me and always having fun, always smiling.


It seems like you had a unique connection with him then…

The other girls are more serious, or really romantic. My secret weapon going into the show was that I’m a little bit of a big kid sometimes!

You say you’re a big kid, so what’s the naughtiest thing you did in the house?

Our mission was the get up to Alex’s secret hideaway. There’s a hideaway at cocktail parties where only her and Richie can get to because she had won the white rose.

It’s a little place on top of the roof, Rachael and I did a little sleuthing one night. We snooped in every room and we found where all the alcohol stores were, and where the white rose was hidden!

Sound like you and Rachael had fun… but did you ever clash with any of the girls?

No, I hate confrontation. I got along with everybody and there was only one person that wasn’t my type of person… Keira. I didn’t not like her, but sometimes it just felt like the Keira show.

OK, so, fess up: is he a good kisser?

He’s a really good kisser, best kisser ever!

Let’s have the final word then: who is going to win?

I’ve said it from the start, either Alex or Nikki.

Written by Jasmine Minhas.

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