Written by Melanie Burton, August 10, 2016

The spotlight stealer reveals to Demeter Stamell that she couldn’t compete with the other Bachelorettes…

You didn’t seem to get too much time with Richie. How did it feel to be eliminated?

It was definitely a bit surprising. I was sad to go at that stage, but also content, because I’d put my heart out there – I put it all on the line. I’m happy that I was set free to go and find the person who does.

Did you see a future for yourself with Richie?

Um, I definitely saw a relationship possibility. He’s definitely that guy that I can goof around with and also have a serious conversation with, too.

There was always that potential there, but we never got that proper one-on-one time to fully experience what the possibility could be.

Speaking of one-on-one time, a few of the girls have been hogging Richie, don’t you think? Who was your biggest competition?

Everyone with blonde hair. [Laughs]

So that’s where you went wrong!

It’s obvious that he has a bit of a soft spot for the blondes.

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There are a lot of blondes in the Mansion – who was your biggest competition?

I could definitely see him with someone like Megan or Alex, even with Nikki… Especially girls from WA. It would be convenient location-wise.

He definitely has connections with girls quite early on. But I’m so in my own world a lot of the time, I don’t even notice the drama of it all. I was just hanging out, having fun.

So you didn’t feel like you were walking away from “The One”?

No. I mean, it definitely needed more time for that to develop, but, of course, while I was there, I could definitely see potential for something to blossom.

Tell us about your fight with Keira… You really bursted her bubble after her date with Richie.

Yeah… I feel like I could have chosen a better moment to have said what I said, but I said it when I did, and I felt terrible taking that moment away from her, because she was genuinely happy, and she is genuinely there to find love.

I feel like I could’ve had more tactful timing, but I owned it and I apologised, and it’s all forgotten and forgiven. It’s water under the bridge. She is a good girl, and she is there to find love. I wish her all the best.

Did it annoy you that you were the one who had to wear it when a lot of the other girls were feeling the same way as you were?

No! The thing is that everyone did have my back. Georgia supported me in that moment, too. I don’t feel any hard feelings towards anyone. It’s just more that I felt terrible, and I wanted to clear the air.

It’s bizarre how such a small moment can be so heightened, because emotions are running so high at every given point. Keira felt hurt as much as I felt talked back at.

I don’t think about the other girls not getting any of the brunt – that’s fine. I’m happy to take it all. I am a strong person at the end of the day.