Written by Melanie Burton, July 29, 2016

After THAT fight between single mum Alex and Keira on The Bachelor last night, NW caught up with Alex to ask her what really went down!

So last night was intense! How about that catfight at the cocktail party?

We had a bit of a throw down. [Laughs] Keira is Keira. She’s unapologetic about who she is, and she’s opinionated. It’s fantastic, because she’s always true to herself, and she stands by everything that she says, which is awesome.

Tell us what happened…

I used the white rose, and I came back down and she was obviously a little bit disgruntled by that. She felt that I didn’t need to use it because I had time with Richie on the group date. That’s okay – that is her opinion, and that’s fair enough.

I’m all for honest opinions, but had she just pulled me away and had a chat to me one-on-one, I think that would have probably been a little bit better, instead of confronting me in front of a bunch of other girls and making everyone feel a little bit uncomfortable.

But like I said, I was all for hearing out her opinion, and that was completely okay, however questioning my character, that’s what bothered me a little bit.

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So she was jealous of your time with Richie during the photo shoot?

It wasn’t really one-on-one, because I had a bloody audience there anyway! [Laughs] You could hardly call it one-on-one when we had all the girls there watching us anyway.

Did that make it awkward?

[Laughs] We just had fun with it. It was full of laughs. I just tried to focus on what was in front of me, which was this gorgeous man. [Laughs] I kind of just blocked the noise in the background out.

I kind of just did my best to ignore that, and I just really enjoyed my time with Richie. I had an absolute ball. That was such a fun date! How great did he look?! Oh! Him in leather!

Can we expect any more fireworks between you and Keira then?

I don’t think there’s any more fireworks between me and Keira. The dust does settle. We had that tiff, and then the following morning, she made me banana pancakes. That was pretty sweet. We ended up having banana pancakes with each other.

[Laughs] I don’t hold grudges, and I have to live with all of these girls, so I want it to be as comfortable as possible for everyone else as well. But can you expect more fireworks from Keira herself? Absolutely. [Laughs]

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Are you and Keira friends now?

No. I haven’t spoken with Keira. If she reached out to me, of course I would absolutely give her the time of day. I have respect for every single girl that was on that show. We all went through that together, so I have mutual respect for everyone.

So, of course, if she were to reach out to me, I would 100 percent give her the time of day. I’d gladly have a chat with her.


By Demeter Stamell.

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