Written by NW Staff, September 29, 2016

After taking a chance and opening up to Bachelorette Georgia, Tommy’s confidence was hit hard when he was booted off the show.

However, he’s on his path to finding his happily ever after and it’s all thank to one person – Rhys, who Tommy tells us helped get his confidence back. Awww!

Did you have fun at the Bachie Pad?

I got to meet some amazing people and got to leave with some amazing friends. I put myself out there, so I should hope that it all works out eventually and I get my happy ever after!

How hard was it getting time with Georgia?

Obviously it was very hard, and I kept bringing it up. But she never actually came and approached me and asked to know me. I know she had limited time, but she never said ‘aw can I have a conversation with you.’ you’ve got to get to know someone before you can judge them, so I was little bit disappointed in that…

Why did you go on the show?

I just wanted to open up a little bit – it’s something I struggle with. It’s been such a long time – I’m talking 10 years since I’ve actually said  ‘I love you’ to someone, so talking about the deeper things more and opening up. If you can open up in that situation, you can do it anywhere!

bachelorette au

Did you think you were going home? It was pretty brutal how she dropped you after making you feel so comfortable!

It actually hit me pretty hard, not that I was falling in love or anything, but it was more that I had taken such a big step forward in the person that I wanted to be. Letting down those walls, opening up. So it was quite tough not to receive a rose at that ceremony, I thought I had done enough, I thought there was no way she would make me leave after that conversation.

How did you feel after the rose ceremony?

It did knock my confidence a fair bit and it took me a while to build that confidence back up. But for me not knowing what those reasons were, not having that little bit of closure…

How did you pull yourself together?

Rhys definitely helped me after the show to try and get that confidence back, without him I’m not sure exactly where I would have been. The way he talks about himself is how he would talk about you, too. There’s a side of him that not everyone has seen but I’ve been lucky enough to witness.

bachelorette au

Do you think Rhys is the same guy inside and outside of the house?

There’s a lot more to him than what you see. People either like him or they don’t. I like him for the person he is and how he makes me feel when I hang around him; he will make you feel 10ft tall and that’s the bit that I like to focus on. He’s a confident guy and he’ll give you confidence too.

What’s next?

My end goal to find someone and fall in love, the words I have not said for a very, very, very, very long time. That’s probably what I would like more than anything in the world at the moment.