Written by Melanie Burton, September 28, 2016

He was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Bachelor competing for a place in Georgia Love’s life, but Jay was about ready to evict himself. #nospark

Demeter Stamell goes in…

You didn’t spent much time with Georgia, did you ever see yourself having a future with her?

How honest do you want me to be?

As honest as you can be!

[Laughs] There just was no chemistry – definitely not the type of spark that I would be looking for to pursue a relationship with someone.

Could you be friends, if not lovers?

Absolutely! I met her that first night during this very unique experience, where you’re forced to see the good in someone. You’re really forced to consider, “Okay, what is it about this girl that’s attractive?”

She’s incredibly driven and she’s very witty, she’s intelligent, she’s well spoken… All of these things, which I related to well, but unfortunately there was no chemistry and no romantic connection.


Was it the lack of chemistry that got you the boot?

It’s something I would love to chat with Georgia more about. I obviously can’t answer for her, but it was probably a week into the process where I realised there was no romantic chemistry.

I really was conscious about not playing the game, because from day dot, I could see that there were a few guys who were very smitten by Georgia.

I could tell that there was natural chemistry there and natural connections, particularly with a couple who I noticed. So, it was something where I didn’t want to assert myself to get attention from her when I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere.

Which guys do you think are smitten with her?

I hope I’m not being naughty by saying this, but I immediately noticed a connection with Courtney, Jake, Lee, Matty J, and also with Cam.

So you must have made some sort of connection. Who was your fave lad?

I would say Lee – we just hit it off straight away. Lee, Matty J and Cameron were probably the guys I was closest to.

Are there any moments from the show you’d like to forget?

My only regret was hair and makeup. I’m not used to having makeup caked on my face. [Laughs]

So is your contour game strong then?

Oh my gosh! They put so much makeup on me on night one. They all supplied us with makeup remover everyday. Obviously, you don’t usually have to do that when you go home. So getting used to the hair and makeup… I’m happy to not have that be a part of my life now.

Now you have some insight into what girls go through…

[Laughs] I didn’t even think of that! I should have known, because I grew up with sisters.

Who would you pick for Georgia?

It would be between Lee, Courtney or Matty J. They’re three absolute legends, and I feel like their connections… You know when you talk about that spark? It was just electric.



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