Written by Melanie Burton, October 5, 2016

It’s the surprise that everyone knows is coming: the intruders’ arrival at the Bachelorette mansion. As expected, the hot new contenders aren’t exactly being met with the warmest welcome by the boys. Cue the jealousy and awkward tension!

While it looked as if Sam was the most affected by Matteo and Todd’s arrivals, it was fireman Cam who took it pretty hard behind the scenes. The 26-year-old admits to NW he almost packed his bags and went home after his musical skills (or, he admits, lack thereof) were shown up by an angel-voiced Todd.

“Todd rocks up – a musician who has an amazing voice and is an amazing guitarist, and just belts it out,” he tells NW in defeat. “I hear his voice and I’m like, ‘God dammit! I’m packing my bags’. This is ridiculous, are you kidding me?!”

However, Courtney has taken a different approach to the intruders – instead of letting his confidence take a hit, he’s making sure they know their place. The bachelor’s already managed to enslave poor Todd.

“Todd, I have named Squire,” he admitted to NW. “He’s my squire, so no-one else can call him Squire. He is happy for me to call him Squire and he calls me Master.”


And what does he think about Matteo?

“I was the first to welcome Potato. Is that his name?”

Claws out much, Courts?!

Jake, on the other hand, has been completely blindsided by the intruders. However, he’s just super relieved that they aren’t ex-boyfriends – or serial killers…

“I tried to play it up because it could have been anyone coming in. Some of the boys were a bit nonchalant about it, they were like ‘whatever’, but I had some theories that it could have been an ex-boyfriend,” he reveals to NW. “That’s the thing – you just never know with reality TV.

I just wasn’t expecting intruders – I didn’t think that was part of the plan.”

Umm… have you ever watched the show, Jake?

Meanwhile, jokester Clancy hasn’t really been in too much of a joking mood, revealing he is annoyed that the intruders could potentially knock his boys out of the game. “I got to know the guys before getting to know Georgia. Having someone go home that I have a better friendship with than these new guys, I mean that’s a bit frustrating.”

Sounds like jealousy doesn’t just live with the girls in The Bachelor Mansion…

Interviews by Karina Recchi. Written by Jasmine Minhas.

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