Written by Melanie Burton, September 21, 2016

He’s the king of first impressions, slipping a Tiffany & Co. bracelet on Georgia’s wrist, hoping it’d lead to her heart.

But humble Georgia doesn’t live for the finer things in life and sent stripper Carlos back to his stage show.

NW’S Entertainment Editor Karina Recchi caught up with the lavish lad to chat about his newest teaser show: One Night In The Mansion.

You must meet women everyday being part of the stripping scene. Why did you hit up The Bachelorette to meet a babe?

[Laughs] Obviously what I was doing wasn’t working, so I thought I’d try a new avenue. I was focused so much on my business and time just flew by.

One day I just looked up and realised I was 30, my life was stabilised and I would have liked someone to share it with.

Was Georgia the kind of girl you could have shared it with?

Georgia was a very lovely girl, you could tell straight off the bat. She’s a very intelligent lady, very passionate and quite beautiful, so all the good qualities you could find.


You went in strong, gifting her a Tiffany & Co. bracelet. Not a subtle move…

Women do love jewellery, so you can’t go wrong.

Given that this young lady was putting her heart on her sleeve and going on a journey looking for love, I thought it would be very appropriate to give her a Tiffany love bracelet that fits perfectly around her wrist.

Awkward because Courtney upstaged you with a pasta bracelet, though…

I didn’t think about the meaning of the gift from a financial point, I thought more about the sentiment behind it.

If Courtney gave her a pasta bracelet then the sentiment and thought probably meant more to Georgia and that’s something she probably valued more.

So you didn’t hit it off with Georgia, but you must have sparked with someone?

I clicked with Ben. He’s probably the funniest guy ever. He’s so genuine, he’s such a larrikin, you can’t not love him. He loves a good party and a bit of a laugh.

And who is Georgia clicking with?

Georgia strikes me as intelligent, so passionate and obviously a fun-loving girl. There are quite a few guys that strike me as having those qualities.

But, you know what? Given my involvement with Magic Men, we know that women do like a good fireman so I think Cam is quite a contender.

He outsexed you!

[Laughs] I normally dress as a policeman on stage, so I think I could have given him a run for his money.

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