Written by Gabriella Del Grande, October 19, 2016

We can’t think of many women who would reject The Bachelorette’s Cam, but Georgia has sadly decided he’s not the man for her… Oh, well! More for us!

Cam has proven to be SO popular with the Aussie ladies; there’s even talk he could be the next Bachelor – not if he has anything to do with it though! The 26-year-old tells NW he doesn’t think he has what it takes to be the next Richie Strahan.

Don’t even ask Cam about being the next Bachie… Photo: Channel Ten

“I couldn’t. I’d love to, but I couldn’t,” he admits. “I couldn’t cut people, I couldn’t have the heart to stand there and be like ‘yes, no, yes, no’. I’d be horrible at it. I’m not sure how I’d go dating multiple people at once, I’d find it difficult and I’d feel detached from them. I’d love to try it out, but my personality probably wouldn’t work with it.”

To be fair, Cam wasn’t even totally comfortable with in The Bachelorette environment. When the intruders arrived, he said it turned from finding love to playing a “game”, and he was ready to leave!


“’I’m packing my bags, this is ridiculous, are you kidding me?’” Cam says he asked himself when intruders Todd and Matteo strutted into the mansion.

And while he thankfully didn’t pack his bags then, he did tonight, and we’re heartbroken to see him go. We’re sure he’ll have a long line of ladies waiting for him on the outside. Your loss, Georgia!