Written by Sarah Iasiello, October 25, 2016

The Bachelorette bromance may be stronger than ever, but when the cameras switch off and the boys head to bed each night ahead of this week’s finale, there’s one question on all their minds – who’ll get the final rose?

The final three: (L-R) Lee, Jake and Matty are vying for Georgia’s heart, but there can only be one winner!

And with a declaration of love and a confession that a relationship could be too much work (we’re having Olena flashbacks!), Georgia, 27, may have a tough time deciding between her men.

NW catches up with the final three – Lee Elliott, 35, Matty Johnson, 29, and Jake Ellis, 30 – before the emotionally charged finale.
Tissues at the ready!

‘I’m in love’

Your family aren’t thrilled about you potentially leaving Sydney to move to Melbourne…
Given Georgia’s [mother is sick], it doesn’t make sense to pull her away from her family. I understand why my sister Kate would be frustrated, but I think she understands.

It took you a while to get on her radar! What happened?
Love is something I experience a lot later on. I’ve only been in love once before…

Wait, does that mean you’re falling in love with Georgia?!
Yes – absolutely! At home towns, it smacked me right in the face. Watching her with my mum having such an amazing time, it was clear as day.

Lee and Matty battle it out!

‘We absolutely want children together’

Your nan put the hard word on Georgia about kids! Have you two talked children?
She put the hard word out there just to make sure that it was something we were thinking about. We absolutely want children, though there are a few things in life that we would like to do first, like travel.

Could Georgia end up being the woman that you share all those amazing experiences with?
Absolutely, she is so incredible. No matter what life choices we make, we can face them together.

We know you lust over Georgia, but is there another L-word on your lips?
Love is a word that I don’t take lightly. And if and when I tell Georgia, I want her to know I mean it and she’s the only person for me.

Boys will be boys! Lee and Jake both want to be the last man standing in the race for Georgia’s heart

‘It’s too hard to leave my family for Georgia’

To be with Georgia, it sounds like you’d have to leave your family. Could you do that?
With everything going on with my parents’ health, it would be hard to leave them. I told them I’ve never been happier, and that’s all they want for me. Mum says my happiness comes first, but it would be hard for her to see me move away.

When did you realise she could possibly be The One?
From the first date. Georgia’s the only girl I’ve formed a connection with so quickly. But after my hometown visit, I thought, “Wow, this is really happening.”

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