Written by Melanie Burton, September 18, 2016

Georgia Love is everything you’d expect a Bachelorette to be – sapphire eyes, an infectious smile and a career that makes her heart race.

But the 27-year-old Tassie TV reporter insists that behind all the smoke and mirrors, she’s a dag at heart – “Just Georgia,” she says.

From where we’re standing, though, it’s hard to see how someone so charismatic could need The Bachelorette’s help finding love on!

“I burst into tears when I was told I was the Bachelorette,” she explains. “Then I had a massive freak-out!”

But that freak-out was just the beginning of her emotional journey of “thousands of connections” and one that, in the end, helped her find love.

NW gets the deets from the Bachelorette herself…


Georgia admits it “hasn’t sunk in” that she’s the new Bachelorette

What’s it like to be Australia’s new Bachelorette?

I don’t think it’s completely sunk in. The most surreal moment was when the first cocktail party was starting.

I was waiting to come in and I heard Osher [Gunsberg]’s voice saying familiar words, and then he said “Georgia” and I was like, “No, that doesn’t sound right!”

Being a journalist must help, being able to investigate the boys…

I wasn’t scared to ask the hard questions. I don’t beat around the bush!

Did you handle the rose ceremonies?

They were the hardest for me. The only way I could prepare was by backing my own decisions. Once I have made my decision I never look back. Often it took me right until the very last moment to actually make a decision.

And what kind of guy will make you happy?

Someone who makes me laugh. I want someone I’ll be with for the rest of my life, through all the ups and downs… Someone driven and passionate and family-oriented.

I want butterflies. I want to be lost for words and to get that giddy feeling that only comes from the excitement of meeting someone special.

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Were you worried you weren’t going to find your dream man on the show?

Absolutely! And I was just as worried that none of them would like me. I didn’t come in going, “Yes, I am 100 per cent going to meet the love of my life,” but I hoped that I would.

And did you find the love of your life?

You’ll have to watch and see… But I’m over the moon and completely happy. The whole process was so much more positive than I’d ever expected.

Did you know straight away who was The One?

I’ll be honest, there wasn’t a knocked-off-my-feet, love-at-first-sight, no-one-else-is-in-the-running moment. No.

Were you worried about meeting guys who weren’t genuine? Past seasons have produced some phonies… That came up a few times, whether it was a feeling that
I wasn’t getting the true version of someone or one of the other guys would hint it to me. It’s a matter of trust, I think.

So, what’s next?

I definitely want to get married, but I’m also in no rush. I want to have kids one day, but I’m totally not ready for them at all – probably not in the next three to five years.

I would rather give my love to just my partner for a little while and it be just us.