Written by Melanie Burton, October 13, 2016

It’s an intruder’s bad luck to be sent packing shortly after their arrival – and in Todd’s case he got a double dose as he was thrown into the middle of a bitter rivalry between models and a house of territorial alpha males. NW chats to the muso about the boys’ club.

Coming in as intruder isn’t easy. How did you feel walking in to the lion’s pit? 

 I think by the time we walked in there, the guys had had a pretty big day and may have had a few cocktails into them, so they were feeling a bit feisty.

Courtney in particular went out of his way to rattle you and Matteo…

Yeah, it’s funny you say that! My first impression of Courtney was he was kind of the alpha of the group. When it came to me, he was having a bit of a joke and seeing what he could and couldn’t get away with. He has a bit of a push-on, push-off button.

But Courtney ended up being one of my closest friends in the house. It was funny how my first view of him when I first went in there changed so dramatically to when I left the house.

What was it like living in the middle of the Rhys and Sam drama?

 Yeah, that had come to a boiling point by the time I got there. The tiff that they’d had had warmed up by the time I arrived. [Laughs] It was quite entertaining, because what you see on TV is not exactly how things were. Sometimes they’d be worse, and sometimes they’d be having a laugh.


How did you feel about it?

I thought it was great, because they’re such different people. Sam says exactly what he thinks, and he doesn’t really care about any ramifications. Sometimes I felt a little bit bad for Rhys, the stuff Sam would say… But Rhys would hold his own.

What was it like when neither of them returned?

 That was intense – especially as some of the boys had become quite close with Sam… The way they set it up, they made it like one of them was on their way home, and then we found out that both of them were gone. It was pretty real, and it was quite intense.

Speaking on intense, let’s talk about your chemistry with Georgia! Why do you think you were eliminated when you had so much in common?

 I think it was a timing thing. To stay around, she would have had to have seen me in her top two. She’s already established these connections and these relationships with the other guys, and I’m sure she wants to see where they go.

You did seem to really click with her, though…

 I’m a huge fan of Georgia! She’s an absolute sweetheart. We’ve got so much in common, and we live in the same city. I can definitely see us being friends and bonding over our common interests.

So you left with a friendship, but who’s going home in a relationship?

 It’s hard, because even just based on one of the conversations I had with the guys before I left, I think so many of them were still trying to figure out the kind of guy she’s into. It really depends what she’s after.

If she wants someone who she can have lots and lots of fun with, she’ll probably end up with someone like Courtney or Matty J or Cameron.

But if she’s really serious and really keen to settle down ASAP, she might go for someone with a more mature edge, like Clancy or Lee.

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