Written by NW Staff, June 13, 2016

We’ll never forget the crushing heartbreak on Lana Jeavons-Fellows’s faced when Sam Wood “rejected” her for Snezana Markoski at the end of The Bachelor last year – despite that steamy pool romp just a few days earlier.

But fast-forward 12 months and everything’s changed for 28-year-old Lana, who has weddings and babies on the brain thanks to her new man, British hunk Jake Meah, 35.

“We’ve only been together for seven months, but we have talked about children. There are a lot of things we want to do together, but we do both want to have children one day,” she tells NW, in between giggles about how big Jake’s, er, hands are!

And while Lana was clearly hurt after the show, little did she know she’d actually already met the man of her dreams.

Watch, heartbroken Lana breaks down after being dumped on The Bachelor

“We met before she went on The Bachelor, at Mrs Sippy bar in Sydney,” marketing entrepreneur Jake tells us. “We dated a few times and then I had to suddenly go back to London for seven months, so when I got back to Australia late last year I had no idea she’d been on The Bachelor!”

And while Jake was genuinely oblivious to the fact Lana had become a household name, she was suss at first.

“I just laughed to myself when I got the text message from him because every guy that I’ve ever dated had come out of the woodwork,” she reveals during our exclusive shoot at her stunning family home in Sydney’s north.

“I was a little unsure at first, but now I know that he wouldn’t be attracted to me for that reason. That would probably deter him more
than anything!”

Clearly still in the honeymoon phase, Lana and Jake have opened up for the first time about the romance that healed her heart. For more on their loved-up bliss, pick up the latest copy of NW, on sale now!