Written by Melanie Burton, October 12, 2016

He’s the most controversial contestant in The Bachelorette history, hitting up the reality dating show when he’s still hitched, but Rhys Chilton is not all bad news.

In fact, after the show he didn’t want to be recognised, shaving off his hair to avoid publicity… NW chats to him to find out more about his marriage, his feud with Sam and why it didn’t work with Georgia.

You really played the part of the romantic, had you ever written a poem for a woman before the show?

[Laughs] Maybe a long time ago, but honestly I didn’t “play” the part of a romantic – that’s just a part of me I let out on the show. There’s a lot more to me than meets the eye.

We didn’t really get to see another side of you – you did admit to creating the romantic character for the show…

That notion was slightly misconstrued, I didn’t create anything for the show, I simply put that part of me forward and held back on other parts.

Looking back, do you really think Georgia was into the heavy romance?

Turns out she appreciates poetry and asked me to write her more.


Rhys had a penchant for writing Georgia poems…

She asked you to write her more poems, then dumped you? We hope you weren’t envisioning a future together then…

I guess if she was I might still be there, so clearly not. She has a great sense of humour but I just didn’t agree with some of her views. I’m definitely happy to wait around for my perfect woman, so if there are clashes that early on, I walk away.

So you weren’t upset to go home then…

Being eliminated sounds like it would hurt, it didn’t. Georgia and I mutually agreed we simply weren’t a match and there was no longer a need for me to stay. I was excited to get back to my life.

You were harbouring a secret on the show – you’re secretly married. Did you tell Georgia about your wife?

Georgia didn’t know I was married at the time I left the show. Frankly, I don’t usually start talking to a girl by telling her about my ex.

Why did you decide to keep it to yourself?

We simply weren’t at a place that I felt she needed to know yet. Had I had a single date and we clicked, I would have opened up completely.

Let’s talk about you and Sam. Have you extended the olive branch?

Yeah Sam and I have chatted numerous times since we left the show. He is actually a good guy and people always ask me if I hate him. It’s TV people, a bit of banter is what made it fun.

Give it to us straight, who’s the better model: you or Sam?

Clearly Sam. Have you seen his ‘Magnum’? It clearly beats my green steel any day of the week.

Oh, and what’s the go with shaving off the locks?

Believe it or not, I wanted to stay incognito and so far it’s been working pretty well. People recognise [ex Bachelors] Tommy and Dale when we are out together and ask me to take photos for them.

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