Written by Melanie Burton, October 13, 2016

It looked like a moment of heartbreak when Clancy left the mansion, but considering he went so long without a “decent conversation” with Georgia Love, it may have been less emotional than it looked.

Clancy tells NW about why he almost walked out on Georgia and how she read Sam completely wrong.

You didn’t get much time with Georgia outside of that one single date. What went wrong?

I don’t think I spoke to Georgia for like two weeks after my single date. Actually, I don’t think we said much to each other [on the date] because she was crying with laughter and her abs were killing her – and I was laughing as well.

Straight after your date the intruders arrived. Did that ruin your vibe?

[Laughs] I wasn’t the warmest person to them in the world. I think I was more angry that it [felt like] more of a game then. We’re trying to see who wins this and gets to the end and then they just chuck more people in, and I’m like, ‘What’s the point here?’ That’s what annoyed me more than anything.

Could alcohol have fuelled that feeling? We imagine those cocktail parties can get pretty rowdy…

[Laughs] There was a long time between when that cocktail party started and the intruders came in, so I guess, I’m not going to say we had a lot to drink, but if you calculate the time  of drinks per hour, a few drinks were had!


Clancy even let Georgia shave his beard!

We hear you almost walked out on Georgia at one point. Could you tell us about that?

We went in and everyone was talking about past girlfriends and relationships, like why things have or haven’t worked in the past.

It was just a week and a half of talking about feelings, a week and a half of talking about all this stuff, and I was like if this continues to go in this direction, this will do my head in. I just took some time by myself and chilled out for a little bit and charged on.

We have to ask, what was it like living with Rhys and Sam?

I think once Aaron left, I don’t think that Rhys really had anyone in the house that he clicked with. I made really really good friends with those other guys, so I think we hung out and Rhys sort of isolated himself to a certain extent. He would write his poetry and go to the gym by himself. We weren’t excluding him, he was just isolating himself.

Rhys has mentioned his time on the show felt like a public endorsement for bullying. Would you agree with that?

I don’t think he was bullied in the house. I mean, guys have banter and Sam would rip me apart harder than he did with Rhys, and we’d all do the same to him. That’s what guys do to each other – and you didn’t see half of it!

I think we gave Rhys less than we did anyone else, but what they showed was just Sam making a comment here and there [about Rhys] but we were all giving it to each other on and off camera.

Georgia said it was obvious Sam and Rhys were on the show for the wrong reasons… Knowing Sam so well, would you agree with that?

No, I don’t think Sam was there for the wrong reasons. I’ll back up Sammy. I think that because you’ve got media aspirations or you’re a presenter or a model or whatever, that doesn’t exclude you from trying to find The One.

As long as Georgia’s aware of that, then she can make her own mind up. I think it’s foolish to exclude someone because of what they do for a career. But I’m not saying that Georgia did that! [Laughs]

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