Written by Melanie Burton, May 26, 2016

NOOOO! Our current fav couple Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid haven’t been snapped together in nearly three weeks, so could the latest rumours claiming the couple have split, really be true? We hope not!

According to Life & Style, Zayn and Gigi split after the Met Gala, just weeks after her 21st birthday.

“Zayn broke the news to Gigi two weeks after her birthday,” a source told the mag. “He sat her down at dinner and told her how he felt.”

“Zayn told Gigi that he wanted to keep his options open and work on himself. Gigi was shocked because she thought they were a perfect couple. She is absolutely heartbroken and has been feeling really sad ever since.”

Awww! While we refuse to believe it until it’s confirmed by the pair, the facts are there…

As mentioned above, the pair haven’t been seen in public together since May 7 – which was two weeks after Gigi’s birthday – when Zayn reportedly sat her down and gave her “the talk.”

Gigi posted a picture of herself with Zayn on her Instagram on May 21st, but we’re guessing it was a throwback photo, because the caption was “missing you.”

missing you ❤️

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So is their busy work schedules keeping them apart, or have the genetically blessed couple really split?!

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