Written by Melanie Burton, April 22, 2016

Erin and Bryce are probs the cutest couple on Married At First Sight – the TV show where couples are matched together by psychologists, and meet for the first time on their wedding day.

And ahead of Monday night’s episode where the couples decide if they want to stay together or not – Erin may have just hinted that she and TV hubby Bryce are still together!

Yep, the 25-year-old posted a seemingly innocent snap of herself on Instagram – still wearing her gold wedding band.

Filming stopped months ago, so is this a clue that her and Bryce are still together? We hope so!

Doing absolutely nothing active in my active wear! @lornajaneactive #lornajane #activewear

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Erin’s Instagram followers were quick to notice the ring, and the speculation started. “Wedding band on?” one commented, while another said, “Yes i don’t no why i didn’t notice that…or maybe it could be another ring [sic].”

Meanwhile Erin wrote back to her fans queries, “#detectives.”

Then another two followers took it to the next level, asking if the beauty was also pregnant!!! Yikes!

One user wrote:”‘I’m so sorry to say this but i thought it was a baby bump too…did bryce get ur eggo prego? uterus has been compromised [sic],” while another wrote, “Is that a baby bump?” WTF, CALM DOWN GUYS!

Erin and Bryce look like the perfect couple, seemingly breezing through the experiment. They haven’t had any arguments, and they show adorable amounts of affection for each other!

We’ll have to wait until Monday night’s episode to know for sure!


The couple on their wedding day on the show

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