Written by Melanie Burton, May 4, 2016

Channing Tatum is a highly sought-after man, and 21-year-old Carly Fleischmann made that clear when she interviewed him last week, telling him she was “in love with him.” As we all are…

The interview is the first in a series called Speechless, where Carly, who has autism, comes face to face was interesting guests. The series launched on April 29th as a YouTube project for her, and lucky for her, Channing was her first ever guest!

With her fantastic sense of humour, she asks him about everything including his career as a stripper, and jokes that she has lawyers preparing his divorce papers, because he “will soon dump his wife to be with me.”

Carly was diagnosed with autism and oromotor apraxia at age two, when her parents noticed that her development was slower than her twin sister. She couldn’t speak, but when she was 10, she learnt to use her computer to talk to her parents.

Now, she communicates through technology, and has become the world’s first autistic and non-verbal talkshow host. Inspiring!

Channing couldn’t help but laugh at Carly’s hilarious jokes throughout the interview, and he even says some super sweet things about wifey Jenna. Aww!

Watch the full episode here


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