Written by Melanie Burton, July 27, 2016

She made it through just one cocktail party, but apparently one was more than enough for 31-year-old Aimee.

We chatted to the Victorian business development manager about her experience with Richie and the 21 ladies battling out for his affections, and she definitely had some things to say.

So your time with Richie was short, but was it sweet?

By Richie’s own admission, he said to me we have nothing in common. So I think when you start off with that, it’s a little difficult. He was not for me, personally. There were no fireworks. [Laughs]

It must have been a surprise to see Richie was the Bachelor!

It was a complete surprise. One of the girls was quite vocal, saying she had expected a lawyer or a doctor – and Richie was not that! So I found that very amusing. He’s a lovely guy, though – you can’t say anything bad about him.

There were a lot of loud personalities in the house and it seemed as if the drama started from the get-go! How did you cope with that?

They’re a lovely bunch of girls, but there were definitely a lot of personalities that were passive-aggressive. I thought to myself, I’m going to steer clear of you because I don’t need that headache in a confined environment.

Did you feel you were ever on the receiving end of any bitchiness?

When I was chatting to the girls, we were exchanging ages. I said I was 31 and one of the girls goes to me [sympathetically], “Ohhh, that’s okay.” I thought, I’m sorry? At what point did I say I wasn’t okay with that?

Is Richie’s perfect girl in the house, do you think?

Well, we weren’t a match, but I have no doubt he’ll be a man for whoever he chooses.

What about you? Have you found love since leaving the house?

No I haven’t. I got out of the house and went to Hong Kong for work. I’ve been really busy, but if it presents itself, I’ll be absolutely open to it – I’m just not hunting for it.

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