Written by NW Staff, August 12, 2016

Last night’s Bachie episode had us on the edge of our seat – especially when Richie took Kiki up in that Black Ops helicopter for their single date. #Adrenalin much?!

But from Faith’s second pash, to the Olympic inspired group date – where of course Richie got his guns out to run with the torch (swoon!) – this episode brought the laughs, shocks and a whole lot of tears!

Here’s 6 totally OMG moments we HAVE to talk about…

1. Keira’s Skippy cross WWE moment

That is one miffed marsupial.

Because if another group date wasn’t enough to send Keira off the deep end, she then had to dress up as a kangaroo cross wrestler. LOL!

Yep, the Lara Bingle lookalike along with other girls – Noni, Faith, Alex, Megan, Georgia, Olena, Rachael, Sasha and Nikki – were thrown into the ring in an Olympic-inspired group date aka ‘The Bachie Games’ (which is pretty much the polite way of saying The Hunger Games) where they had to battle it out – literally! – for some one on one time with Richie. Did someone say ‘game on?’

So after a round of cupid like archery, and a hilarious zorb ball sprint that saw most of the ladies fall A over T, it was down to the final round – which of course was the age-old sport of wrestling but with an Aussie twist.

It was down to the final round between blonde babes Keira and Faith, and if you thought it was going to be a hardcore fight to the death over their Bachie king Richie, think again, because Keira was not having a bar of the Skippy inspired contest and wanted out of that suit STAT!

“I’m just annoyed now. You’ve annoyed me. I’m annoyed,” she complained, without even bothering to act happy in front of Richie. Tell us how you really feel won’t you Keira? And to add insult to injury, Faith took out the title leaving Keira, um, hopping mad. Soz girl!

2. Another kiss for Faith

Faith richie kiss

After wrestling her way into some one on one time with Richie, of course Faith landed herself ANOTHER kiss!

This guy just gives them out willy nilly doesn’t he?!

Then again, at least they got to have a deep and meaningful first about how much they LOVE their family. Only makes sense they had a smooch, right?

3. Kiki and Richie go black ops 

richie kiki copter


While it’s pretty obvs none of us expected Richie to choose Kiki for the single date (ahem, what about Keira!) the pair actually really seemed to hit it off despite their clear differences. You know, Kiki admitted she normally dates “bad guys” and Richie certainly ain’t that!

So Richie treated adrenalin junkie Kiki to a ride in a black ops helicopter over Sydney Harbour and she absolutely LOVED it! Meanwhile, Richie was sitting their trying not to throw up in his mouth from all the twists and turns the helicopter was pulling.

4. When Keira went in for the cocktail party kiss

Mmmmm, pot-stirring excellence.

She looked drop-dead HOT in that red jumpsuit and clearly Richie thought so too, pulling Keira away for a one-on-one.

And the dominant gal she is, Keira decided to make the most of dangling Richie in front of the other girls and teased a kiss with him.

Luckily for the other ladies Richie is a good bloke and shut that s**t right down before any damage could be down, well, until Alex started with her crocodile tears that is!

5. Alex’s major meltdown

Especially the solitary crystalline tear clause.

Not only did Keira’s attempt at a public pash turn Alex into an emotional mess, but when Richie chose to spend some one on one time with Nikki over her at the cocktail party the mum-of-one just couldn’t handle it!

“It’s confusing”, she tells the camera. “It’s scary… I just wanted him to come to me”, she cries before asking to have a minute to herself. Diva moment – tick!

But perhaps girlfriend forgot she actually had a white rose she could have used to swipe Richie away? He can’t do all the work, right?!

6. Sasha packs her bags

In Russia, LADY eliminates MAN.

It was down to Rachael and Sasha for Richie’s last rose but unfortunately the Russian beauty was sent home.

Perhaps Richie just wasn’t a fan of her budding parenting skills?

We’ll miss you Sash!

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