Written by Melanie Burton, August 11, 2016

Okay, so last night’s ep of The Bachelor was action-packed!

From Alex’s Camilla date, to the fake motherhood group date, to Eliza making Richie a velvet blue rose – it didn’t disappoint!

Here’s 5 things we NEED to talk about from last night’s ep…


1. Alex’s date to Camilla


Alex finally gets to go on a single date, and while she’s ecstatic, the other girls complain that she has the white rose and now she gets a single date. SAH.NOT.FAIR.

Richie takes Alex to Camilla, and tells her she can pick anything in the store. Dream come true!

She twirls around in various outfits as Richie watches on, telling her she looks amazing in everything.

Cute idea, or awkward AF with the shopkeeper standing in the background? You decide.

Next they arrive at the InterContinental in Double Bay, where they talk about their feelings in a tea room.

Finally, Richie takes Alex outside on to the balcony where there’s a guy playing guitar and singing, just for them.

Cue awkward balcony dancing, and THE KISS.

2. The pash


The pash had to be the squelchiest, wettest, OTT kiss in history.

Yes Alex we know you’re into Richie, but you didn’t have to eat his face…

Anyway, she still gets a rose.

3. Group baby date


This would have to be the dumbest date ever. The fake motherhood date.

The poor ladies wake up to the sound of infants crying and immediately think WTF. Don’t worry girls, we’d feel the same.

Pretty sure you got those babies in high school for Child Studies, not on a reality show where you’re all trying to impress the same guy with your mummy skills…

Megan, Kiki, Nikki and Sasha are the lucky ones to go on the group date, where they have to each look after a baby for the day.

Noni declares “I would rather swim with crocodiles than go on that date,” before suddenly being chosen to join the date with 2 babies – twins! You shouldn’t have said anything Nones!

Richie takes the girls to play putt-putt with their babies, while Kiki declares she can be a mother AND a golfer, Nikki is a natural, Megan carries her baby like it’s not a baby, and Sasha is kinda um, tough, with her baby as she rocks it semi-violently.

Nikki wins the date because her bub had the highest happiness rating, and she gets some alone time with Richie.

They talk, they kiss, and she gets a rose.

4. Awks moment when Nikki tells the girls about her kiss


Poor Nikki was just floating on air after her alone time with Richie, she couldn’t wait to go back to the mansion and tell the girls all the details.

Rookie mistake. When she mentioned that she and Rich had a bit of a pash, the look on Alex’s face was priceless. She was NOT happy.

Keira then makes things more awkward by saying, “If it was me, I would be careful who I say things in front of because I don’t want to hurt anybody. If it was me, I would be careful who I say things in front of because I don’t want to hurt anybody.”

Nikki starts crying, because she hates to think she made anyone unhappy.

Our hearts went out to Nikki! But now she knows these girls aren’t her friends and maybe don’t tell them all the goss!

5. Eliza pulls Richie away and gives him a blue velvet rose


Firstly, Eliza pulls Richie away during the cocktail party, and goes in for the hand hold which he kinda avoids. AWKS!

Then she pulls out a blue ribbon from her bra, and fumbles around as she tries to turn it into a rose. Bless!

Her wooing obvs didn’t work though, because she was the last one standing at the rose ceremony and had to leave the Bachie mansion.