Written by Christine Estera, August 19, 2016

As usual, last night’s episode of The Bachelor was drama-filled.

While there may have been single dates, a sudden dumping and stolen kisses, there was no rose ceremony!

Here’s five things we need to talk about from last night’s ep of The Bachelor

1. Olena gets a second date


A few episodes ago, Richie took Olena on a scenic motorbike ride in the country. So how does one top that? By chartering a private jet of course! Lucky girl.

After playing handsies while experiencing some turbulence in the air, they arrive at Mudgee where a sunset picnic awaits. The view may be blah, but Olena’s model looks still give Richie something to feast on.

Some girls haven’t had a first date yet, but this was Olena’s second date. While during their first encounter she grilled Richie on life, love and family, last night it was Richie’s turn to ask the questions.

Although Olena was very guarded, Richie obvs still liked what she had to say and naturally they kissed. Cue the violins!

2. Noni’s big gag


Newsflash: A day at the Sydney Fish Market hardly constitutes a date! But they went there. Richie asked the ladies to whip him up a dish and the best gets one-on-one time with him.

This challenge wasn’t very, um, appetising. Like, it’s the 21st century. Why cook your man a meal when you can both just dine out?!

“Oysters are an aphrodisiac,” Noni tells Richie after winning the MasterChef-like comp with Rachael. It would’ve made for a great pick-up-line, but then she choked on one… #fail

3. Keira gets dumped


Stop the presses – Keira just got her first single date! Hooray!

After being put out of her comfort zone during the many group dates, this date was finally all about her. She was righty in her element at a yoga retreat, even teaching Richie a few poses. But her intensity was just too much for the Bach.

During a heart-to-heart in a quaint cottage, he tells Keira that he just doesn’t see a future. WTF? And to think just hours ago she was boasting to the girls about how her single date would go down in Bachie history.

While Keira can rub people up the wrong way, her departure reeked of a set-up. Like, did Richie just invite her on a date so he could dump her?? So. Not. Cool

4.  That secret kiss


As if we need more proof that Nikki’s the frontrunner! The girls turned green with envy when Richie whisked the bubble blonde away to a private area in the foyer during the cocktail party.

He tells her that it’s been a while since their first date, but she’s still very much on his radar. Well, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Richie tells Nikki that if anything, his feelings for her are growing by the day.

She squeals (on the inside) with delight and draws him in for a sneaky kiss. Not an eat-your-face-off-like-Alex kiss, just a sweet-as-pie kiss. Aww, you guys!

Seriously, should the other girls just pack up and leave?

5. No rose ceremony


Jaws dropped at the mansion when the girls were told of Keira’s sudden dumping.

You could almost hear, “Ding dong the witch’s dead” playing in the background.

While her presence might not be missed by the ladies, she did make for entertaining viewing. We’ll miss you, Keira! Thanks for the lols.