Written by Melanie Burton, August 5, 2016

Last night’s ep of The Bachelor packed the drama and the LOL’s, and we’ve picked out 5 OMG moments that we need to talk about!

1. Faith gets chosen for the first single date, and Richie arrives James Bond style in a suit and mirrored sunnies, via speedboat – of course.

Meanwhile, Faith thought it was a yacht – so we’re not sure which part is more shocking…


Richie looks suave in his James Bond style getup

2. Faith gets a little too competitive while shooting hoops in the pool, and almost drowns poor Richie!

She wants to win, okay?!


Richie thought it was going to be an innocent game, before Faith got mega competitive

3. Group date time! The girls arrive at a huge hall and take it in turns to impress Richie by dancing the waltz with him. Richie says he wants someone who “cheeky and sassy, who can take the waltz in a different direction.”

Of course, that ends up being Keira. But she still isn’t happy that she gets to be whisked away for some alone time with Richie, because it means she “probably won’t get a single date now.” OMFG!


Keira gets whisked away by Richie, but still isn’t happy

4. Keira only just steps in the door from her Cinderella date with Richie, when Eliza confronts her about her ungrateful remark earlier. You’ve got serious balls, Eliza!

Eliza lets loose on Keira

5. Alex cries because Richie didn’t come up to her at the cocktail party, and she ran out of time to use her white rose, so now she’s worried that she’s fading away into the background.

CALM DOWN GIRL, you got this!


Alex sheds a tear at the thought of Richie forgetting about her.

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