Written by Melanie Burton, August 18, 2016

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was the most jam-packed yet!

There was a single date on the seas, a date with intruders in the paddocks, and someone rejecting a rose! So basically, there wasn’t a boring moment!

Here’s 5 things we NEED to talk about from last night’s ep of The Bachelor


1. Rachael’s single date


TBH, we haven’t seen much of Rachael yet, and in the bits we have seen, she’s been pretty bitchy. But last night she scored the single date with Richie, and we saw a different side to her.

Richie/the producers thought it would be a good idea to have a date on a ship, and climb the ladders to about a billion feet above the ocean. We were seasick just watching it…

Rachael killed it, and when they made it to the crow’s nest at the top it was like that scene out of Titanic.

After that adrenalin-pumping start to the date, the pair went back in the hull of the ship, and did a bit of rum tasting.

Cue Richie and Rachael getting a tad drunk. They had a good old time, ended the date with a pash, and of course Rachael got a rose.

2. Welcome the intruders


Just when the girls in the house thought they were getting settled – they were wrong. Meet Steph, Sarah and Khalia.

Richie thinks he’s meeting the original women of the house on a group date, but finds himself in a paddock somewhere before Osher tells him he’ll be adding 3 new girls to the mix.

Steph is a 25-year-old blonde beauty from Victoria. She’s a model who loves riding quad bikes, and she’s doing a double degree in biomedical science. WOAH!

Sarah is a 26-year-old Queensland sales rep who loves riding motorbikes, but she has the voice of a 12-year-old. Soz Sarah.

Khalia is a 29-year-old law student who is pretty much Rapunzel, but with darker hair.

They all go on cute mini single dates with Richie and then arrive back at the mansion in a helicopter.

The original girls aren’t happy…

3. Kiki vs Keira: The Showdown


Just, wow. Kiki tells newbie Steph that Keira can be a bit full-on. So of course Georgia goes off and tells Keira that Kiki has been bitching about her. UH-OH!

Keira yells across the room, “Hey Kiki, you should definitely come over here hey.” Keira storms off to the toilet and Kiki follows, before Keira screams: “GO AWAY, PEASANT!”


Kiki walks away and calmly states in a piece to camera that Satan has risen from hell. LOL.

4. Megan rejects her rose


Although there was hints all night that something was up with Megan, it was still a MAJOR bombshell that she rejected Richie’s rose.

Throughout the show she kept saying she was struggling with the environment and that it was hard to fall in love in those surroundings blah blah blah.

So when Richie calls out her name at the rose ceremony and asks her if she’ll accept the rose, she says: “I can’t,” before taking him outside for a chat.

She explains that she can’t fall in love amidst this amount competition, intensity etc etc – but come on girl, you knew what you were getting in to when you signed on for the show.

5. Georgia’s outburst in the limo once she leaves

After Megan’s shock departure, there was still a girl that had to go. Georgia was the unlucky one who didn’t get a rose, and probably in the worst circumstances…

“That’s the sh*ttiest way to go out,” she says. “Intruders.” True though. Richie met them like, 5 minutes ago!

Then in her final piece to camera in the limo, her parting quote: “They all look like f***ing skanks.”

And that’s a wrap!

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