Written by Melanie Burton, October 6, 2016

Last night’s ep of The Bachelorette involved ice-skating, medieval costumes, and a couple of intruders.

Yep, it was jam-packed with action and drama – so here’s 5 of the most memorable moments.

1. Clancy on “New York style” single date

Georgia can’t help but tell Clancy how much she LOVES New York, and the closest thing she could get to the big city for a date was to recreate it with a “New York style” Sydney date.

The pair go ice-skating, and Clancy proceeds to tell the camera that he’s not too bad at it. Well, awks for him, because he’s like a newborn giraffe – falling over every two seconds!

Georgia says she would pay to see “Clancy on ice” any day of the week, and we can’t help but agree. Poor guy!

2. Medieval group date


The boys don’t look as hot as they usually do dressed in medieval clothing with alfoil wrapped around their heads, but anyway…

Men are competitive creatures, and that definitely showed in the challenge – where they were split into two teams, and had to play a game of “capture the flag.”

Um, who remembers playing this at school? Except you didn’t get to dress up in those super-cool costumes (ahem).

3. Courtney acts like a d**k


In the final challenge, each guy has to run and try to dodge arrows being shot at them by the other boys, and whoever gets hit the least scores some alone time with Georgia.

Courtney, being the “selfless” guy he is (yes, we remember what you did for Tommy last week!), wants his shy mate Ryan to win, so during his turn he literally walks as slow as he can, getting hit by every single arrow. Georgia’s not impressed, and says it’s “embarrassing” because she likes him so much… and he acts like he DGAF.

4. Rhys wins the alone time in the end


Credit: Buzzfeed

Cocky “model” Rhys wins the alone time with Georgia, and the first thing he says to her is that she should have been “chasing him.” Um, she has nine other guys to divide her time between, mate!

He then digs himself further into a hole, by saying:  “We’re all here for you. Well, almost everyone.”

“You don’t think everyone’s here for me?” Georgia asks, clearly pissed off.

“There’s a few guys in the house that are mature men, and there are a few boys,” he replies.

But with the whole “bro-code” thing, he won’t give her names. Hmm… we smell a strategy here, Rhys!

“I wanna get to the bottom of who these guys are so I can decide for myself if they should be here,” she asserts.

5. Intruders Matteo and Todd arrive


INTRUDER TIME! First up is Matteo, the Italian stallion with the oh-so-smooth accent that could melt any heart.

Next is Todd, who arrives with a guitar and sings Georgia a love song he wrote, and it’s so bloody adorable. Needless to say, the original bachelors are none too pleased with their new competition…

Lucky for them, though, poor Matteo didn’t last long – because he was the one who got sent home last night!

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