Written by Melanie Burton, October 7, 2016

So last night’s ep was actually amazing. From Dalmatian puppies, to a group of shirtless oiled up men, to the same group of hot men singing Georgia a song – gosh it was everything we’ve ever wanted!

Here’s 5 of the best moments…

1. Cam’s Disney date!


Cam scores a single date card, and Georgia picks a Disney-themed date for them because they both love Disney. STAHP!

First they sit on a carpet on the grass – which is meant to be the flying magic carpet from Aladdin. Duh!

They then jump in a helicopter and we’re not sure what Disney movie it’s meant to be anymore, but whatever – they end up in a field with a bunch of Dalmatian puppies. Yep, 101 Dalmatians!

Cam REALLY REALLY wants to kiss Georgia, so he does, and it’s just like a fairytale!


2. Hot AF group date


Thank you Georgia for making last night’s group date purely for the rest of the women around Australia. A bunch of guys shirtless with oiled up rigs? YASS PLEASE!

They are challenged to a game of Turkish oil wrestling, and Rhys and Matt are picked as the two who face off.

Matt wins and Rhys is probably embarrassed because he has quite a big ego, so he totally pretends to “hurt his shoulder.” Good move though, because he ends up in a sling and gets all the sympathy and attention from Georgia anyway.


3. Matty J gets a single date


There’s another single date which no one saw coming, and it goes to Matty J!

It’s a “British-themed” date to pay tribute to Matty’s British roots, and it’s super adorbs.

They play croquet, talk in British accents, and are just so damn cute together.


4. Rhys reads Georgia another goddamn poem


FFS Rhys. Georgia whisks Rhys away at the cocktail party to “check on his shoulder” from the earlier incident. But of course, he takes that as an opportunity to read her another bloody poem.

In the poem he mentions the “boys in the house” thing again, which really grinds Georgia’s gears.

She wants to know who these “boys” are, and Rhys blurts out Sam as one of them. What a dibber dobber!


5. All the boys sing to Georgia

If this isn’t the greatest thing that’s ever happened on national television, we don’t know what is!

All the boys surround Georgia to sing her a song they wrote, and our hearts just melted!

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