Written by Ally Sutton, September 18, 2016

Want to know how to get a toned tum like Miranda Kerr? Here’s 10 EASY ways to beat that stubborn tummy fat!

1.  Two-day diet!

Research is backing the 5:2 diet – which involves reducing your daily intake to 2100-2500kJ for two days a week and eating normally the rest of the time.

2.  Step up

Switch on the pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps a day to keep activity levels up and fat in check!

3. Milk it

People who enjoy low-fat dairy like skim milk tend to find it easier to lose weight.

Lauren Conrad unveils a new national Milk Mustache "Got Milk?" campaign at The Whisper Lounge on June 15, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)

4. Sayonara to salt

Salt causes water retention, which leads to bloating! So check the labels on all of your food – even cereals and sauces can hide a lot of salt!

5. Control portions

Eat from a smaller plate, as you’ll be less likely to overeat – and don’t go back for seconds! Wait 10 minutes and you’ll probably feel satisfied anyway.

6. Catch some Zs

Lack of shuteye throws off the hormones that control our appetite, so make sure you get enough sleep and stop the next-day snack attacks.

7. Go nuts

Reach for snack foods high in mono-unsaturated fats, like peanut butter or whole nuts. Studies show those who do have less tummy fat.

8. Manage stress

Stress can produce cortisol – the fat-storing hormone – so download those meditation apps, gals!

9. Yoga-ta try it

Not only will it help with stress reduction, but studies show that yoga is beneficial for weight loss! Time to om away the sins!


10. Go low

Low-GI foods release energy into our system slowly, keeping the fat-storage hormone insulin at bay!

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