Written by Melanie Burton, November 19, 2016
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WOAH! While a lot of celebs are no strangers to a little bit of surgery, we can barely recognise these five stars’ former faces! Can you?

Jennifer Hawkins


Despite barely resembling her pre-Miss Universe self, Jen insists her good looks are simply the result of exxy beauty products, healthy eating and water.

Still, the Australia’s Next Top Model host, 32, isn’t totally against surgery, reasoning that it’s a case of “each to their own” – and Dr Choroomi reckons she may have succumbed to injectables.

“Her pout looks much fuller. Her lower lip in particular has been filled and [turned outward] at the sides,” he says of Jen, who’s also been accused in the past of having a chin implant.

“There is more volume in her cheeks from fillers or fat grafting, while her beautifully smooth forehead looks like the work of Botox.”

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