Written by Melanie Burton, November 9, 2016

SPOILER ALERT! So far this season of Geordie Shore has been jam-packed with drama, and tonight’s episode is no exception as we see another Geordie QUIT the show! Who, might you ask?

Don’t read on if you don’t wanna know!

At the start of the series in Magaluf, Marnie Simpson revealed to the girls that she is bisexual, but said she wasn’t ready to tell her fling Aaron just yet.

But she regretted that big time when Aaron asked her to be his girlfriend, telling the camera: “Sh*t, I’m already going into this relationship with a big secret. I should have told Aaron I’m bisexual when I had the chance.”

Yep, you should have Marnie – it would have saved A LOT of drama!

In tonight’s ep, Aaron finally finds out his girlfriend his bisexual, but not from her. On a boozy night out and after witnessing Marnie kiss Chloe Ferry (although they regularly neck on), co-star Nathan breaks the news to him, telling him he feels like “he has a right to know.”


He tells Aaron: “So obviously, you know the whole thing with Marnie kissing Chloe? You do know that she’s bisexual, don’t you?”

“No, why would I know that?” Aaron replies. “She’s never said that.”

Aaron says to the camera: “Nathan has pulled us off to tell me Marnie is bisexual, which is fine. But she is supposed to by my girlfriend, so why the f**k am I the last person to know?”

Aaron explains that he’s fine with Marnie being bisexual, but he’s p***ed off that she lied to him about it. Frustrated with her, he leaves the club, goes back to villa, packs his things, and LEAVES before Marnie returns home.

Let’s not forget that they’ve had CONSTANT rows since getting together, and this was probs the last straw for him..

He says: “I haven’t got a problem with Marnie’s sexuality. I just wish she told us about it. I’m really f*cked off that she was kissing Chloe because that is basically cheating and she couldn’t even be bothered to apologise when she swirled us. My head is all over the place.”

He’ll be back in no time!

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