Written by Ally Sutton, October 23, 2016
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Meet ‘mono-lunching’, the hot new trick to staying in shape – just ask Kate, Kimmy and co!

Anybody who’s binge-watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows that Kim and co eat the same salad from Health Nut in LA for lunch, day in and day out. But while it may sound boring, eating the same thing on repeat isn’t just for the un-din-spired.

In fact, a US study shows that mono-lunching helps people to eat less –participants who ate the same thing every day consumed fewer kilojoules than people who shook it up! “Our palate craves interest, so if you remove variety, there’s no reason to keep eating after you’re full,” explains UK-based nutritionist Amanda Ursell. “Also, our primal ancestors only ate one type of food as it came into season.” Take the guess-work out of your meals by giving these A-list menus a try! And then try them again, and again, and again…

The Kate 

Sharing this delicious, fruity recipe on her Fabletics blog, Kate Hudson called it her “favourite summer salad”. But she didn’t come up with it herself! The 37-year-old actress borrowed the recipe from US food writer Ina Garten – who once got self-confessed “fangirl” Taylor Swift hammered on whisky sours, so she’s hardly anti-indulgence!

What’s in it?


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