Written by Melanie Burton, November 17, 2016

While he’s most famous for his acting skills, in movies such as The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love, Ryan Gosling has also become an Internet sensation for the saying “Hey Girl!”

Which he’s never actually said….


In an interview with Variety, they asked him how he feels about the memes flooding the Internet, but he’s kinda confused.

“I’ve never said that,” he revealed. LOL!

While chatting with the publication, he also addressed THOSE Vine videos. You know the ones where he refused to eat cereal?

He says he was even approached IRL about the vids!

“Just walking down the street, people would say, ‘Why won’t you eat your cereal? Are you too good for cereal?'” LOL!

But still, he’s baffled by his Internet fame and pics that pop up from his days in the Mickey Mouse Club!

“It’s a big surprise when they show up on the web. I’m confused — by how confident I was. That level of confidence was unearned.”

Even Emma Stone – who has appeared alongside Ryan in three movies – doesn’t get the craze people have over him.

“I don’t even understand. I mean, you’re great but why have you become this — why? Do you at least get paychecks on your coloring book?”


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