Written by NW Staff, November 13, 2016
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It’s hard to imagine being besties with two girls who’ve dated your boyfriend, but for Alexandra Nation, she couldn’t imagine her life without Keira Maguire and Olena Khamula.

The three former Bachelorettes are giggling in front of the camera on a shoot with NW, pausing to gossip about Alex’s new life with Richie Strahan, 31.

When we ask if it’s weird that they all dated the same guy, they all answer the same way – with a big, resounding, “Nope!” Alex explains, “The Bachelor is a weird and wonderful world. Everyone has something to say about you, and the public has something to say about you. [Since the finale], we’ve always had each others’ backs.”

It was all the negative comments that tied them together – the backlash about Alex winning Richie’s heart over Australia’s sweetheart Nikki Gogan, the criticism that Olena didn’t deserve a spot in the final three because she “just wasn’t interested” in Richie, and the copious rumours and gossip around Keira’s “villain” status and family roots.

And since that bond was forged, there’s no pulling this trio apart! “I absolutely adore Olena – she’s a friend for life,” gushes Alex, 25. “And if you really get to know Keira for who she is, she’s a rippin’ chick – she has a beautiful energy about her.”

You don’t have to tell us twice about their beauty – which is exactly why we packed our suitcases full of bikinis and headed to Sydney’s South Coogee to lap up the sun. Oh, and while we were there, we grilled them for their fitness tips. Would you check out those rigs?

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