Written by Melanie Burton, December 2, 2016

Jennifer Aniston may give off the ‘good girl’ vibe, but on Tuesday she admitted something a little, er, revealing, and kinda embarrasing about herself.

During a game of Never Have I Ever with Ellen DeGeneres, Jen revealed she was a member of the mile high club – and immediately regretted it.

“Never have I ever joined the mile high club,” Ellen started, as they both raised their “I have” paddles.

“Never have I ever joined the mile high club in the cockpit,” Ellen continued, and Jen once again lifted her paddle. OMG!

“Never have I ever… with the pilot?” Ellen asked, this time kinda concerned… Yep, Jen had done that too…

“And the co-pilot?….. and the flight attendant?” Ellen questioned. JEN’S SIGN STILL STAYED UP!

How raunchy of her!

Jen reveals she’s joined the mile high club 

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