Written by Sarah Iasiello, October 27, 2016

… And we’re down to two!

Last night was a roller coaster episode with Georgia breaking down in tears as she sent Jake packing.

To kick things off, Georgia whisks Lee away on a joyride in a chopper and they mostly talk about how great Melbourne is. Although we’ve gotta say – the date was pretty ordinary and not much really happened.

Georgia suddenly starts “overthinking” and questions how much they both love their home town and whether Lee only sees their relationship working because of where they live. “What if I wasn’t from Melbourne? Would it be the same if I wasn’t?” she asks him in a panic. Lee, of course has the perfect answer– he says the fact they’re both from Melbourne is conveniently amazing and even if they weren’t, they’d make it work.

“Where you live doesn’t define you. Our connection’s far deeper, I feel, and far more real than just living in the same state together,” he says. He tells her he’s falling for her. She says similar lovely things about him and they kiss. “The feelings I’ve had for Georgia … I was going to say I haven’t felt in a long time. But to be honest, I’ve not felt ever before,” he tells us later. SWOOOONNN!


Over at Jake’s date, Georgia hires a superyacht, but they have to steer themselves. Where do the producers come up with these ideas?! “I’m happy in his company, in his arms. I can’t think of anywhere else in the world I’d rather be,” Georgia tells us, unaware she basically said the same thing about Lee 24 hours earlier.

Georgia raises the issue of Jake’s mum and how she expressed concerns about him leaving the Gold Coast to be with her in Melbourne.

“I’m not saying that if we were to be together at the end of this you’d have to move to Melbourne,” she says, basically telling him he’s moving to Melbourne, “But if that was something we chose to do would that be easy?” “Distance is only distance if you let it be,” he says. Having totally not solved this issue, they kiss.

recreating Titanic

And onto the final date with Matty J, he wants to tell Georgia he’s falling in love with her, but is trying to find the perfect moment.

They head to a distillery and invent their own gin, where the brunette beauty says “I feel like the important things about making a good gin are probably the kind of things about making a good relationship,” she says knowingly. “A lot of compromise, communication, bit of spice, bit of sweetness. Makes a good gin, makes a good partnership.” Right-o!

Later on, they find themselves in a steamy jacuzzi and Matty realises that it’s now or or never. “I’m not just treating this as a game, at all,” he tells her nervously. “To me, this couldn’t be more serious. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that I want to end up with you. Like, the thought of not being with you kills me. And I’d do whatever it takes to make it work. You’re exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

She tells him she loves being around him and says the location dilemma of him being in Sydney might not be a problem because she just wants to be with him. “While I’m standing here I want to be completely honest,” Matty continues. “And when there’s an opportunity I want to take it. I don’t know why it’s hard but, I’m completely falling in love with you.” “I didn’t expect that. But I couldn’t think of anything I want to hear more,” Georgia says.the-bachelorette-australia-season-2-episode11-13

At the final rose ceremony, Georgia gives Matty J the first rose, followed by Lee. She breaks down in tears as she sends Jake packing and says that meeting his family on the home visits made it too difficult to take him away from the Gold Coast when she’s not 100 per cent certain of what they have.

“I’m just really devastated. That hurts. It sucks. I don’t like goodbyes. And it was a ‘goodbye’, it wasn’t a ‘see you soon’,” he tells us in the car after.

So, who will be the last man standing? Well, we can wait to find out tonight!!!!