Written by Nikita Lee, October 20, 2016

It’s suddenly looking pretty empty in the old bachelors’ mansion, and as if they weren’t already worried as hell about their chances with Georgia, Osher comes in to remind them all that the competition is getting super close. Thanks for the reminder, Osh!

Georgia has some big decisions to make heading into the hometown visits, and the next single date choice is crucial. Jake and Lee are both really, really hanging out to score some alone time with our Bachelorette, since it’s been, like, FOREVER since their last solo outing with her. Lee’s name gets called out, and Jake tries to act like he’s happy for his rival, but we all know he’s bummed to the max.


Come at me, bro

So off Lee goes to meet Georgia, who looks simply lovely in a flowing white dress, standing by a lake. And aren’t these two a genetically blessed pair if ever we saw one, with their sparkling blue eyes and bright, white smiles. And sparkling blue eyes.

She tells Lee she’s an old, hopeless romantic, and asks him if he’s heard of a little rom-com classic that involves a bit of dancing. Straight up, Lee whips out the ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’ quote, much to Georgia’s delight (he’s got three sisters, they made him watch it over and over. Sure, Lee)

But what’s the aim of today’s date? To recreate that classic lift, of course! Georgia gets her Jennifer Grey on and Lee steps into Patrick Swayze’s shoes and with the help of a stuntman who has worked on films like Mission Impossible (not sure his level of expertise is needed for a dance move, but whatevs!), the pair try again and again to nail the move.


Look, if we’re being perfectly honest here, it’s no Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love, but it is pretty damn cute.

Later on, Georgia gets serious and asks Lee where she stands with him.. and he goes on to tell her he’s a reserved kind of guy, and he’s merely protecting himself from getting hurt. He says something else but we can’t concentrate because we’re too busy thinking how damn fine he looks in those glasses… sorry, um, then Lee tells his lady everything she wants to hear, including this heart-tugging lines, “I see everything I’m looking for in a relationship and a partner in you… I hate ever having to leave you. I love those eyes. I love that laugh.” All together now, nawwwwwwww! Still, the charming prince of the Bachelorette doesn’t get a rose. Hmmm…


Over to the group date, and Georgia meets the boys in a recording studio that’s housed some pretty talented musicians.. and tells them that she loved their little ditty from the other week so much, that they’re going to write a new song and record it! Osher calls in the big guns in the form of JC (and for a minute, we’re hoping it’s JC resurrected from his NSync days). The boys are enthusiastic and give it a red hot crack, but they’re no boy band… especially tone-deaf Lee, who is like that friend who comes to karaoke with you and sings every lyric in the wrong note and ruins the whole bloody song. But in the end, they have a finished single – presenting End Of The Rose (Download it for free, don’t buy it).


The next NSYNC?!

For his efforts, Jake gets some time with Georgia.. but it’s over pretty quickly, and before they know it, the five boys are standing at the rose ceremony, preparing to say goodbye to someone. Lee’s feeling a bit vulnerable since he didn’t get a rose after his date (he did the lift, what more is a guy to do?). But it’s Cam – lovely, gorgeous, friends-zone and then not friends-zone, firefighter Cam – who hasn’t done enough to win Georgia’s heart, and she ends up choosing Courtney over him.


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Farewell, Mr May… it was wonderful while it lasted!