Written by Laura Wilson, November 18, 2016
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The Real Housewives of Melbourne star has shone brighter than any other on the hit television show. Between RHOM, being a mother and a barrister, she’s brought out books, accessories, starred in a stage show, and is now releasing her second fragrance (among other ventures) this year.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Gina to be introduced to her sexy scent personally, hear about the inspiration behind it, her top beauty tips (including a quirky way to wear fragrance) and what it takes to be camera ready… Phew!

“Fearless is a word that I’d lived my life by, accidentally, really. I didn’t set out to have all these challenges in my life that amounted to a fearless way of dealing with them. It just was the end result- the conclusion I suppose. It doesn’t mean that you have no fear, it just means you rise to the occasion and you come out having conquered your fears. It’s how you deal with your fear. It was also really important to have a scent that matched that. I didn’t think you could have such a strong bottle, packaging, colours and branding and then have a soft, subtle scent, so we’ve gone for something that is quite bold. It’s fruity, it’s floral with citrus and base notes of vanilla, amber and cedarwood for a really beautiful, wholesome strength.”
Fearless by Gina Liano EDP, $39, chemistwarehouse.com.au

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