Written by Melanie Burton, November 22, 2016

Another week, another lot of Geordie Shore drama!

This time, Marnie Simpson suffered a breakdown in the street during filming – demanding GS bosses to let her go home after the cast were forced to leave a Newcastle night club.

Yep, the reality stars fled the Riverside Club on Saturday night after being abused by other people in the club, and Marnie was apparently so upset by it all, that she started yelling at a producer and security, even refusing to go back to the house! Talk about a drama queen!

“I’m 25 years of age, I’m going home! You’re not looking out for us though making me go back to that f**kin’ house,” she screamed.

The incident apparently lasted for about half an hour, before producers finally convinced her to return to the house.

The show was being filmed at the club, when party-goers started booing and yelling at the cast on the balcony above.

“Geordie shore filming at the nightclub I was at tonight, this is the reception they got, boom” once user wrote, along with a video of the booing.

An eyewitness told The Sun Online: “It all kicked off. The bar staff at the venue were talking about how rude they were.”

They added: “The security were also being rude to the staff and regular clubbers, it was like they were guarding Hollywood A-listers not drunk reality stars!”

“Some of them were real nobodies, it must have been the new people or just hangers on – no one recognised them but they were acting like they were stars.

“I saw a member of staff being stopped from going in to one of the areas of the club as they were filming – it was a really tense situation.

“The regulars at the club weren’t happy, some of the cast were spotted arguing and shouting. In the end the customers got sick and started to chant ‘who the f**king hell are you?'”


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