Written by Nikita Lee, October 28, 2016

This is it… the day we’ve been waiting for forever (okay, six weeks). Georgia Love has only one rose left to give out, and it’s obvious that the decision is proving really, really hard for her. Who will she choose to spend the rest of her life with – lovable, excitable Matty J or perfect-on-paper Lee?

But before she makes that decision, it’s off to Singapore! The boys pack their bags and scoot off on, er, Scoot Airlines (anyone else feel like this finale ep was half an advertisement?!). Both are feeling pretty nervous – not only are they awaiting Georgia’s decision with baited breath, but they also have to meet her family, Papa Love and her sister Katie. Sadly, Georgia’s mum is too ill to make the overseas trip, but she sends her daughter a loving, supportive message via video.

Matty J is up first with the whole Meet The Love family. They all sit down to a lovely terrace (Singapore is much greener and lusher than we imagined, btw) and have some champagne, and as Matty pops the cork, the interrogation begins. What are his intentions with Georgia? Does he plan on staying in Sydney with his sister or is he open to moving to Melbourne? Matty sweats a bit, but mostly, he keeps his cool – and tells Papa Love that long distance is hard, but doable, and down the track, he would absolutely think about relocating to Melbs to be with Georgia. Papa Love isn’t convinced.


Third degree over, it’s time for the fun part of the date! Georgia takes Matty ziplining, and the sights looks pretty incredible over Singapore. She says the date sums up everything that is great about her relationship with Matty – they have so much fun together, he’s a breath of fresh air. But is that enough to win her heart? Stay tuned!

Next up, it’s Lee’s turn to charm Georgia’s sister and dad. He’s as smooth and polite as ever, but Katie is suspicious from the start – she thinks Lee is a little too smooth, and that he’s one of those guys who just “knows what to say”. Papa Love seems to like Lee.

Georgia and Lee’s date has a noticeably more romantic feel than her fun date with Matty. They cruise on the river at night, watch a spectacular light show and he declares his love for Georgia. Clearly chuffed with his declarations of love, she has one last surprise for Lee – a late-night swim at a¬†pretty amazing rooftop pool and bar overlooking the city. They swim and kiss and talk about their feelings and swim and kiss some more.


Now – crunch time. Georgia looks stunning in a floor-length pale blue gown, and with a huge smile, she tells Osher that she got what she came here for – she fell truly, madly, deeply in love (okay, that’s a Savage Garden song, not her words exactly). But you get the drift – Georgia is smitten. Yet before she can get her happily ever after, she has to break one of the boy’s hearts. Who will it be? Dear God, please don’t let it be Matty J’s.

A car rolls up… and the ad break comes on. Then the show starts again and the door opens… and out steps Matty J. Noooooo… we’re having flashbacks to Nikki and Richie trampling all over her poor heart. We already can’t deal.

Georgia has said Matty is the guy she never knew she always wanted – she undeniably has strong feelings for him, but she tells him that she did find love… just not with him. Matty looks crushed – and all around the country, Matty J fans are crying, swearing at the TV, and threatening to boycott the next series of Bachelor and Bachelorette if they keep on making us fall in love with someone and then making us watch as they get broken up with on national TV. Like, seriously!


To her credit, Georgia looks genuinely so upset¬†that she has to say goodbye to Matty – and that she’s broken his heart. Matty doesn’t cry, but his face says it all – he’s absolutely devastated. We’re here for you, Matty!

Lee rocks up next – and Georgia is beaming from ear to ear. This is the moment she’s been waiting for, to be able to tell Lee that he’s the man she’s been looking for all her life. She tells him she loves him so much, they kiss, and lived happily ever after.


Meanwhile, social media is going ballistic over Matty J’s heartbreak and already trying to set him up with fellow heartbreakee Nikki Gogan, but we’re already gunning for Matty J – Bachelor 2017.