Written by Gabriella Del Grande, October 21, 2016


It’s pretty much every Bachie fans’ fave part of the series – Hometowns!

And last night was no exception, with Bachelorette Georgia jetting around the country – from Melbourne to Sydney and the Gold Coast – to the home bases of each of her four potential baes, to meet their families.

From being grilled about kids to living arrangements – and THAT Courtney moment – Georgia didn’t cop it lightly from the boys’ families!

Matty J’s overprotective older sis wasn’t a Georgia fan…

Just Kate being a strong, independent woman.

Ah yes, the token protective sibling! Matty J’s older sister Kate didn’t hold back in her grilling of Georgia last night – telling her she will NOT be happy if she ends up stealing her baby bro from their hometown Sydney and whisking him away to Melbourne. Especially seeing as Matty is a brand new uncle!

If that wasn’t enough, she then went on the kids rant – telling Georgia how keen Matty is to be a dad and whether she’s ready for all of that.

And Georgia’s answer? No.


… Until Matty told her he’s sooo in love with Georgia! 

Well, kind of.

After her interrogation  chat with Georgia, Kate sat down with Matty to see where his head was at with the whole ‘you’re one of four guys’ thing, even asking if he was in love with Georgia!

“I want to say yes…” Matty gushes, before admitting he’ll stick with saying “I don’t know” in order to protect himself from getting his heartbroken (but it’s totally obvious he is head over heels).

Next minute – the once unsure about Georgia Kate totally changes her tune, telling the cameras that as long as Matty’s happy she’s happy and if that meant moving to Melbourne, she’d be fine with it. Aww!

Lee was the only gentleman


Unlike the rest of her suitors, Georgia was greeted with a huge bunch of roses and a coffee when she met Lee in Melbourne. Bless!

But don’t think that was the only coffee fix he had for Georgia, with the chiseled gentleman then taking her to a rooftop bar where they sipped on espresso martinis. How very Melbourne!

And then his grandma! 

Lee’s grandma basically stole the show on this one, even teasing Georgia to pick the other three boys over Lee. LOL – what a savage!

But of course things turned serious when she brought on the grandchildren chat, telling Georgia she basically wants them ASAP.

And as with Matty J’s hometown, Georgia dodged that idea like a bullet!

Jake’s mum went in on Georgia 

Don’t mess with a mum called Robbie.

Again with the moving situation!

Visiting Jake’s fam on the Gold Coast, Georgia had a little head butting moment with his mum, Robbie, over whether Georgia would move to Gold Coast.

Again to which Georgia said no, explaining that her mum’s poor health is what has her grounded in Melbourne.

But that didn’t sit too well with Rob, who said she also had her health woes meaning Jake would need to stay home with her. Ahh! But in the end she turned out to be a big fan of Georgia, after seeing how happy she made Jake.

Courtney’s cringe AF hometown sent him packing

Courtney hits a wall.

Courtney’s hometown was a total car crash – but we just couldn’t look away!

Giving Georgia the most mind boggling mixed messages – from telling her couldn’t see a long term future with her to then saying he really wanted to be standing there with her at the end – Courtney dug himself a pretty big hole, which even his family dinner couldn’t get him out of. With his brother pretty much telling Georgia that Courtney isn’t himself and seems miserable. WTF?!

“I want to be standing there at the end, madly head over heels in love with someone and knowing they feel the same way about me,” Georgia tells Courtney back at the mansion. “But I need that commitment back from that other person and I don’t think you can give me that, can you?”

To which, Courtney basically answers a big fat no before Georgia sends him home, without even having the rose ceremony. Ouch!