Written by Gabriella Del Grande, October 20, 2016

He had Australia reeling after acting like he didn’t give AF about Georgia and it was that attitude that seemingly got Courtney booted during hometown visits tonight – without even making it to the rose ceremony. Burn! 

But before you go fetching your pitchforks, take a second to consider things aren’t quite as they seem as Courtney tells NW he was edited to look as though he was completely disinterested in Georgia. Apparently we didn’t see half of their love story!

It appeared to be love at first sight for you and Georgia… well, for Georgia anyway!  

I suppose the moment I met Georgia I thought she was extremely attractive and then the way she sort of holds herself, the way you can have just a very simple, easy flowing conversation with her and there was no awkward silences or what not…

But it was evident you weren’t keen on her – agree?

I didn’t want my feelings exaggerated by the situation I was in. I didn’t want to say anything that I wouldn’t normally say to somebody. I didn’t want to build a relationship on false feelings.

Courtney tells NW that he was “in-like” not in-love with Georgia. Photo: Channel Ten

So the feelings were fake?

Look, I didn’t want to tell Georgia that I was in love with her or that I was falling in love with her on our second date when clearly you wouldn’t do that with someone in the real world. They’d be like “What?! This is second time I’ve seen you and you tell me you’re in love with me?”

Watching the show back do you see why everyone believes you’re disinterested, though?

I honestly think its comical how they have played my disinterest in her. I know the conversations that Georgia and I had. I know the emotions and relationship that I felt. And I know what she was saying back to me.

Unfortunately, a lot of what I’m saying back to her you don’t see, so I look at that and it feels to me like it’s a completely different person. So I’m with the viewers, I’m like, “Get him off, he doesn’t even like her!” But then I remind myself it’s me and I actually very much liked her so it’s bizarre.

Did you ever consider playing the game so you could get the girl at the end – if you’re saying you were that interested in her?

No, I 100 per cent went into the whole thing telling myself to be completely honest. I said that to her multiple times that I liked her very much and I could see myself in a relationship with her. And that I would love to be in a relationship after this and see where it goes but the whole thing it wasn’t enough security for her.

Maybe Georgia was somewhat caught up in the fairy tale as well and wanted that “I love you” at the very end. And I just could not lie to her. I couldn’t lie to myself – I couldn’t build a relationship moving forward on lies just for entertainment.

So were Courtney’s feelings all for show? Photo: Channel Ten

But you said it wasn’t just entertainment, that there were feelings, too?

The thing is I was very honest about my feelings, and I told Georgia multiple times that I very, very much liked her, there were a lot of things I found attractive about her. But unfortunately saying I like you and I want to be in a relationship with you and I want to see where it goes, it wasn’t enough for her. 

Fans seem to be hating on you at the moment, even if you’re saying it’s because of editing. How does that make you feel?

It hurts, it honestly does hurt me. Because again I know how I felt about Georgia and I know what I wanted and I went in there whole heartedly trying to fall in love.

I’m at a stage in my life where I want nothing more than be in a relationship and fall in love and to find someone that I can spend the rest of my life with, you know I’m not getting any younger. To be a young dad and start a young family and the clock is ticking… I knew that people would say, “He’s done this stuff on camera, that’s the only reason he is there to boost his career’, so I looked at those options and I thought ‘you know the possibility to fall in love outweighed them… so f**k you!’ [Laughs]