Written by Christine Estera, October 27, 2016

Lee Elliott clicked with Georgia Love the moment he hauled his ass over to the Bachie mansion. And by that of course we mean his donkey!

But Georgia and her chosen one have more in common than just dad jokes. The Bachelorette winner felt so in-tune with Georgia that he says it’s as if they’d known each other for years.

NW spoke to Lee exclusively to find out how he and his lady Love will start their ever after…


Was it love at first sight?
I am a strong believer in lust at first sight, because there is more than meets the eye when it comes to love, and I was absolutely in lust with this beautiful woman with the most incredible eyes I have ever seen. I have gotten to know her and know that she is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, too. She ticks every box.

Your first single date on a secluded Sydney beach looked like heaven!
It was the most incredible first date I’ve ever been on! Well obviously in this thing, the setting and everything’s going to be incredible, but the company was amazing, too. I genuinely felt like she had a cheat sheet on me… Just things we were saying and doing, it was like we had known each other for years. It was one of those days where there were no awkward silences and it just kept rolling. And even when the cameras weren’t on that was some of the best parts, because you let your guard down that little bit more.


Was there ever a WTF moment for you on the show?
My very first impression, when I walked the red carpet the very first night was a WTF moment. I think I’m going to be now known as ‘that donkey guy’.

Georgia’s reaction was priceless, though!
We’ve since come to find out she’s quite punny as well, she’s very switched on… I was like I’m being out-dad joked, I’m being out-punned here. She is an absolute firecracker!

But it’s not all fun and games with you two. There were a few D&Ms…

It is amazing to be able to have this much fun with her, but we are also able to have these in-depth conversations. We have had a very in-depth conversation about our parents and my father has been and gone through a number of years of cancer and open-heart surgery. I wanted to talk about it because her mother isn’t well, and I wanted to reassure her that there will be tough days…

Speaking of family, your mum mentioned during Hometown Week that you’ve only ever dated blondes in the past…
The only thing it comes down to is that my last two girlfriends have been blonde, that’s literally the only reason she said that. I found it quite jovial… The thing is Georgia is so much alike my mum – amazing, strong and incredible women, and that’s what I’m attracted too.


Would you have been gutted if it wasn’t you in the end?
I would be absolutely gutted, devastated. But then I thought, you know what? I want her to spend as much time with every guy possible and me still be the person at the end. I want to be that person at the end because she wants me to be.

Did it feel good to finally drop the L-bomb?
Love is a word that I don’t say or take lightly. Like, if I say it, I absolutely mean it. She is an amazing person for me.

Projecting into your future, have you and Georgia spoken on what it would look like?
Neither of us are one of those people who have checking lists, but seeing ourselves in each other’s futures, to be honest, that excited both of us. We are on the same page about so many things… Remember when you went on your first date with a school boy and how excited you are? That’s how it makes me feel. It’s not a scary feeling at all. Nothing but excitement!

Time to settle down then?
I hate the term ‘settle’. I don’t feel like anyone should.… I want to have kids, get married, build a home together but, yeah, I hate that term ‘settling’. It just implies giving up.

Your grandmother would be thrilled that you just mentioned having kids!
Nothing would make my grandmother happier than to see me married and with children. To be honest, she put the hard word on Georgia just to make sure that it was something we were thinking about. We absolutely want children, though there are a few things in life that we would like to do first. We would like to travel and then be in the position where we might be a bit more financially independent when it comes to having children. It is absolutely on our radars.